SCFC mixed billing clinic. Most general practice services are bulk-billed with a valid Medicare card. Fees apply to certain services and procedures provided at our clinic. Failure to pay clinic fees on time may result in appointment requests being declined. Methods of payment include EFTPOS (not Diners), and Cash.

If you are sent for investigations (Pathology/Radiology) or to a specialists or allied health professionals for a follow-up please be aware there may be ‘out of pocket’ costs involved. Always check with the company you have been referred to in order to find out if there is any cost before using their service.


A non-Attendance Fee may be charged if appointments are missed without prior cancellation.

Facility Fees:

Our treatment room may be utilised for certain services and procedures – please be aware that fees may be charged for certain dressings, bandages and other products. These charges are not claimable through Medicare.

Workplace Injury or Illness:

Due to the current Medicare policy we are unable to ‘Bulk-Bill’ any treatment relating to an injury or illness that has occurred whilst at your workplace. Payment for all treatment relating to workplace injury or illness must be paid at the time of consultation unless you can provide details of an approved Work Cover claim or we are able to commence a Claim for your injury or illness.