Contact with Doctors:

Clinical telephone calls will be triaged by the team nurse and where deemed necessary calls will be referred to the Doctor. To minimise interruptions to consultations, you may be required to leave your contact numbers and a message, and your doctor will return your call at their earliest convenience. In some instances a face-to-face consultation with the doctor may still be necessary. If you are experiencing chest pain, difficulty breathing, bleeding, convulsions or vomiting please inform our staff immediately.

Recall & Reminder Systems:

The clinic adopts a proactive and preventative model of care. As such, we have implemented a Patient Recall System for pap smears, immunisations, cervical and bowel cancer screenings, health assessments and for other services the doctors deem necessary for the individual patient.

You may be contacted via phone or text messages as part of our consultation bookings and recall system. If you do not wish to be part of our clinics or the state or national reminder systems please advise our reception staff.

Medical Certificates, Results, Referrals & Prescriptions:

It is the policy of our practice that all results, repeat prescriptions medical certificates and referrals require an appointment. In some cases results may be given to you over the phone by our Practice Nurse at the discretion of your Doctor. If you are unable to come to the clinic for an appointment the practice may charge a small fee for any prescription or referral that needs to be written.

Please be advised that the doctors cannot write retrospective medical certificates. We encourage patients to make an appointment as soon as they become ill to attain medical certificates for work or other purposes.

Interpreter & Translating Services:

If you require an interpreter for another language other than English we can arrange this for you through telephone or on-site interpretation with the Translating Interpreter Service – 131 450. If you are hearing impaired and require an interpreter we can arrange this through telephone or on-site interpretation with the National Auslan Interpreter Booking Service – 1800 246 945

Transferring Medical Records:

We encourage patients to provide previous medical records where possible. If you would like us to arrange to have your medical records transferred to the clinic simply advise our reception staff. All patients over 16 years of age will be required to sign a consent form, parents or guardians can sign on behalf of patients under 16 years of age.

Please be aware that some clinics may charge a fee to have your records transferred, if you receive an invoice in relation to this you will need to contact the corresponding clinic.

A fee will be charged for the transfer of full medical file to another clinic, however a health summary can be released at no charge to the patient. A fee may be charged if medical records are requested by insurance or worker’s compensation companies or if a patient requests copies of their records.


Our clinic complies with the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2012 and the Australian Privacy Principles. All information collected is treated as “sensitive information”. All patients’ health records and information are handled and stored to protect the privacy of the patient.

Our New Patient Information Form requests patients to sign an agreement for our doctors to discuss a patient’s health care/treatment with other relevant health professionals. Patients always have the right to decline this agreement.